Indiana Jones and the Lost Pyramid

  • Difficulty 80% 80%

3.290.- HUF/ person (1-6 players)

You can pay on the spot, cash only.

Address: Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 20, 1061

You are the students of Professor Indiana Jones. One day you asked the famous treasure hunter whether or not he had an adventure that has failed because he did not manage to bring any relic or treasure from the scene?
He told you that in his young years, as a novice adventurer, he discovered a tombstone in Egypt inside a pyramid! At first sight, the pyramid was not protected with traps; however, as soon as he entered, he saw dozens of hidden traps, so he escaped so fast that he even left his hat there.

You thought that he as a single person, he did not even have the change to avoid all of them, but since you are more, you will try to discover the pyramid!

As soon as you enter the hall of the sarcophagus, a trapdoor opens and you fall down into another room. You survive the fall, but your air is only enough for 60 minutes in this ruiny trap room, so you better hurry to find a way out!