• Difficulty 100% 100%

3.290.- HUF/ person (1-6 players)

You can pay on the spot, cash only.

Address: Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 20, 1061

You are discovering a rainforest in South America within the framework of a tour, when you see that a huge spaceship hits the ground. You would not even believe it if you did not see this unsuccessful landing with your own eyes.

On your map, you look for a hut where you can hide yourselves from the unknown – who knows who or what you are facing. You run over to the shelter where you find nothing but a closed door. In the meantime, you realize that your tour guide has disappeared on the way! Somehow you need to get into the hut! It would be a suicide going back or running further, as your opponent is quicker than you. Therefore you have to hurry to prevent the Predator from catching you!